The Beginning and End.

Hacker School: Day 13

Day 13 of Hacker School went by pretty quickly, mostly due to some of us playing hooky to go watch the Germany vs. USA game. We were initially going to go to a German bar, but it turns out there were a lot of Germans there already (I guess they like their futbol). We ended up back tracking and found a bar called Sweet & Vicious, which was sweet (their jargaritas are great), but not particularly vicious. The game was slow paced, and the atmosphere of the bar made it a nice spot to lounge.

dat jargarita

I guess my main reason for leaving in the middle of the day was that I was in a weird headspace after the goal making workshop. I started to doubt my decisions about the things I wanted to do this summer and that was bumming me out. On top of that, I couldn’t install threadscope to save my life, and spent almost five hours trying to get that to run (yay yak-shaving) before just giving up and deciding to read Simon Marlow’s book without it.

I did have a productive talk with Allison yesterday. My worries were that I was working on Haskell, a language that is rather impractical for the purpose of jobs and I wasn’t sure if I should switch to Python or not. Which turns out it was a rather silly fear to have since I am going back to school and won’t ostensibly be looking for a new job for at least two more years. So I have decided to stick with Haskell, and will work on some side projects in Python once in a while when the mood strikes me.