The Beginning and End.

Sometimes, Giving Up Is A-okay.

After spending about a week and a half on my Haskell BitTorrent client, I’ve decided to give it a rest. Am I done? No. Am I close to being done? Depends on what “done” means (but no, probably not).

I won’t lie. I felt a pang of guilt today when I decided to put the project on the backburner.

Finn crying
Actually, I was something like this on the inside.

But what I’ve learned is that when a project stops bringing joy and feels tedious, it is much better to move onto something else so my time can be spent productively. I asked my fellow Hacker Schoolers when they felt it was an appropriate time to move on from a project, and I got a lot of great responses. I was told it was okay to abandon a project if it made me feel sad, but I could write some documentation for it to feel some closure. It also wasn’t apparent to me that because I was getting so hung up on trying to finish this project that I was missing other valuable opportunities, and this was pointed out to me by several alums.

I’m pretty glad that I asked this question, because I’m not sure how much longer I could have dragged on the BitTorrent project. I think I’m ready to move onto OCaml and work through Real World OCaml and start afresh.